Not OK with me.

I think I'm getting a cold. QUICK. Help me.

I stole a Cold-EEZE from Mandy's desk in hopes that it will miraculously cure what ails me, but it turns out two things: A) a throat drop does nothing for a lacking wardrobe and highlight outgrowth in my hair, and B) Cold-EEZE? Ew.

Cold-EEZE tastes very much like, well, yuck, personified. If yuck were indeed an inanimate object, it would be this. And peas.

So I need a quick-fix for this cold because if you've been paying attention at all, even a little, you are aware I am running a marathon in one, two, TEN days.

What do you do to rid yourself of a cold? And also, will you come do these things for me? Thanks in advance. And GFY.

Just kidding. About the GFY part. And if you don't know what GFY means, well, STFU.

Sorry. Colds make me sassy. And make me speak Internet.