Not Crazy At All (NCAA).

It is that time of year again. And it'd be neat if I actually cared about basketball in real, actual life, but I seem to only get the bug during the NCAA Tournament.

Because there are games! And March Madness! And pools! And brackets! And money! And winning!

All of these things combined raise my blood pressure in a wonderful way and keep me occupied for a good couple of weeks. Or so.

Is the tournament even that long? Hell if I know. I just know I've got a very large bracket to fill out, and one chance to pick a team to win the whole thing because I told them to.

Because when I write that one team name into the championship position, it'd be in their best interest to just win the damn thing.

I have got FIVE DOLLARS riding on this, for crying out loud. My financial stability is on the line here.

Now I just need to figure out who the hell the Tar Heels are.


No, seriously. I'm joking.

Besides, I have American University winning the whole thing.


I crack myself up.

Game on, people.