No point to this post. Just so you know.

I learned last night that Ryan Buell has a blog. Don't know why that surprises me, but more than that it excites me. BUELL

HELLO, sexy, peculiar, paranormal investigator man. Your blog makes me happy. For those not in the know, Ryan Buell is the head of the Penn State Paranormal Research Society a la Paranormal State. Which, by the way, watched an episode last night, and it was disturbing. I'm not entirely sure I understand or believe half of what goes on on that show, but he can exorcise my demons.

If he wants.

Just saying.


In other news, I can successfully execute a set of stairs today. Trying to walk yesterday was a little awkward, and today the bowleggedness has finally ceased. I'm still going to take a complete week off of running, but I might head out for a wee bike ride today. Mostly because have you seen today?! It's gorgeous outside. I can't just sit inside all hobbly handicapped because my legs are sore.

Also, I'm starving. Like, my insides are consuming each other. And... THIS: