My sincerest apologies.

So, I changed the URL address to this blog. As you can clearly see, seeing as though you actually found my blog again.

Mitigating circumstances forced me to go into hiding. I changed the URL. I made the website virtually untraceable on the internet. My MySpace account has been privatized. Any loyal readers I had, who I don't personally know, will never read this again. And that's a shame.

Consider myself in the witness protection program. Or, rather, the I Have To Hide From Crazy People Determined To Ruin My Life Club. Which quite frankly pisses me off, but that's for another day.

So if you actually have this link, and are reading my blog, consider yourself one of the special ones. And also not crazy.

And while I was at it, I made it a little prettier. I figure it needed a face lift. So here you have it: Conversation With Myself, Version 2.0.