My favorite kind of marathon.

So, it's Tuesday. Which means another America's Next Top Model marathon on Oxygen. CANNOT STOP WATCHING. Can't.

Well, OK, more like won't, but whatever. You can't just start and then stop. Today was Cycle 5. Nicole wins. I knew that in the first episode because I Googled it. It's how I roll: ruin the finale before the season opener ends.

In addition, it's Cinco de Mayo. I ate Taco Bell in celebration. Will regret it in about, oh, 11 minutes. I'll also regret it tomorrow when I have to go for a run. Taco Bell isn't exactly great power food. Or great food, period.

But it's cheap!

So, I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm not going to make a big hullabaloo about it because I don't want to jinx it. It's not so much a career as it is a job. But you know what? IT'S A JOB. Decent enough pay. Amazing benefits.


I'll take it.

So, 11 a.m. tomorrow. Cross your fingers. I'll probably find out the result rather quickly, which means I could have a job offer by the end of the week.


Now I just need to, you know, find a place to live. And all of that moving business. Oh, being a grown-up has been SO MUCH FUN. Let's do it again!

Wait. Let's not.