My cell phone is pink. Don't tell anyone.

Saturday was fabulous. Fab-u-lous. Do you see that phone -->
Do you see it? I own that. Own. It's mine. My own.

Sweet, sweet pink Motorola RAZR V3. But probably don't tell anyone it's pink. Me? Pink? Crap.

So I stopped by Verizon Saturday to inquire about my contract. Mostly, when is it up? Not that I want to cancel it, but still. Contracts make me nervous. Turns out my life is signed away to "Can-you-hear-me-now?" until 2007. Fun. But, Mr. Cell Phone Salesman says, you're eligible for a new phone.

What, what? New phone, you say? And not just new. Free. As in, here, have a phone, it's free. (Insert me remembering why I signed up for Verizon's "new every two" plan. As in, new cell phone every two years plan. Whoa).

So I picked my jaw up off the floor, regained my composure and said - Yesssss. Show me the phones. So I'm dilly-dallying, picking up display phones, pressing buttons, Cell Phone Guy is talking, I'm not listening...

Squawk-squawk. Wonk-Squawk. Wooonk. That's pretty much what he's saying in my head. And then he lays it on the counter. The Motorola RAZR V3. Heaven sings. Angels rejoice. Krista has "$$$" in her eyes and a grin the size of South America on her face. I drool.

"I want it," I breathed. Maybe I didn't even breathe. I choked it out somehow. I didn't think, I wanted. Needed. That phone is mine. Roar. And then he interrupts -

"But we also have - "


"Just a word of caution - "


"It comes in - "


"You might want to also - "


Cell Phone Man whimpers. Cowers. Hand over the phone. And then he tells me it comes in pink. Pink. PINK! In my head I remember all the times I cursed the day pink was born. Pink? Please. I do purple, man. Green. Brown. Pink is for girls, I am woman - or something along those lines. But then I saw Pink Phone and I frolicking through the fields, taking pictures with its megapixel camera. Making phone calls. Text messages. Leaving voice mails. All. In. Pink.

I opened my mouth to speak. But Cell Phone Man knew what was coming. Pink Cell Phone was activated, charged, stored with numbers and in my hand before I could say "MINE!"