Must document this moment, because afterward, I will be a woman changed.

Somewhere between running, Grey's Anatomy, and being awesome, I totally missed the Lost train. Boy, did I miss it. Everyone-I-know watches that show. Everyone. It's a cult. And they don't just watch it, they breathe it. Dissect it. Have small heart attacks during it. And somehow I totally missed out.

I've seen a few episodes here and there. In fact, I saw a large portion of season two. But then I just fell off the wayside and couldn't catch back up. Boy, I'm kickin' myself for that one. I am the minority. It's awkward. What will I talk about with my friends?

"Oh, hey Krista! Did you see Lost last night?"



That is my life, people.

And that is coming to an end. I currently have in my possession seasons one and two of Lost on DVD, to be followed by the third season upon their completion. I am jumping on that bandwagon, dammit. Because I am a bandwagon jumper. Jump!

I am about to go watch the very first episode right now. I am told that once I start, I'll never stop. I'll be a changed woman. I will join the elite in TV world. And so I just thought I'd document this moment. This is me "before" Lost. I can't make any guarantees as to how I'll be "after."