MS Bike Tour: the new challenge.

Apparently I'm hoping you're all feeling very philanthropic this week. Because I'm here with another challenge. Today I registered for the MS Bike Tour, a benefit ride for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I'm joining a friend's team, and riding for the Greater Illinois Chapter, the "Bike MS: Tour de Farms."

The ride is June 21 and 22. We're making a weekend of it. On Saturday, we'll ride 100 miles. On Sunday, 75. I'm hoping my trusty Giant road bike (named Roberta Worthington Schnell, if anyone's keeping track) can keep up.

Oh, what am I talking about? I hope I can keep up.

After raising $3,800 last summer for Team In Training, I struggled with the idea of fundraising in any sort of capacity again. It was tough. But so rewarding. Incredibly rewarding, actually. And this time the goal is a little less lofty.

I've been challenged to raise $300. I'm not afraid of that number.

I'd encourage any of you to take up a cause. Join Team In Training. Check out the different fundraising events through the MS Society. Choose any cause, just choose one.

Doing so in the past, and now trying a new challenge, has put my own life into perspective. I am just one person. My life is OK. Better than OK. I have my health and my family and friends who love me. Not everyone has that. And although I am just one person, I can make a difference, too.

So, go to my fundraising page. Help. And while you're there, help out the others on my team.

We are all grateful for you.

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