Mom hates when I write about books, so I'll make it quick.

So, hello.

Speaking of reading - was someone speaking of reading? Well anyway, I read a lot yesterday, which I believe we've been over already. And can I just say that Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs has made the list of Best Books Ever? It has.

If you think your life and/or family are dysfunctional (which I'll have it be noted, I think neither), it's not. Augusten's life pretty much takes the dysfunctional cake. I also read the book in less than a day, which I realize is sad, and I'll be sure to make up for it by playing Super Mario Bros. and painting my nails.

Also, hated - haaated - the end of Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner. I totally came up with a better ending before I even got to the ending. Lame. All over the place. I'm disappointed, Mrs. Weiner.

Three more topics of randomness: I must see the film adaptation of Running With Scissors immediately. I just started The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger, and while I'd like to see the film adaptation of that, as well, I'm trying really hard to pretend it does not include Anne Hathaway, because I hate her. And thirdly, at first I was ashamed to admit this, but I fully embrace my decision now, after much thought and consideration. James Blunt's album Back to Bedlam is most likely one of THE BEST CD's ever. I'm just saying.