Missing: two books. Reward: less crazy.

Somewhere in the world are my copies of Atonement and Love In The Time Of Cholera. Last seen: on my night stand, I think. Just sitting, unharmed. I was in the midst of reading them. And now I can't find them ANYWHERE.

I know they're just misplaced. It's not like I accidentally threw them away. But that is what's driving me mad. I know they're somewhere. And I just can't remember where. I think I looked under my bed 47 times last night. In drawers, on tables, behind the toilet, in my trunk.



I am losing sleep over it. Not because the books were near and dear to my heart (because, really, did you read LITTOC? Yawn), but because I hate losing things. It makes me feel all panicky and odd.

That could be because I'm crazy, but who's keeping track?

So, if you've seen these books, throw 'em at me. I need them. For my peace of mind. I'm sleeping with my eyes open until they return.