Me? Settle? Never.

So, the dream running store job? Meh. Wasn't a dream. Not enough hours. No more promise of full time. Not exactly what I up and left my last residence for. Uh, I don't work there anymore.

I took up waitressing, as we know. Tomorrow I start a temporary full-time job that I snagged through an employment agency. More hours (you know, FORTY), more money. Only temporary, but a temporary solution. And temporary stability.

I am craving stability. I'll be sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, entering data like a machine, but it's a place I have to go every morning. My day will end at 4:30. Every day. A regular paycheck. Hallelujah.

I'm enjoying the waitressing gig - today, at least. The people are enjoyable, the money is quick. And any time I can put "money" and "quick" into a sentence is good for me.

I'm still stumbling along, but I'll get my footing soon, so help me God. Or Obama. I'm convinced one or the other, or both, will save me.

So that's what's new.

In other news, I'm running through week two of marathon training. I've got an 11-miler on the books this Sunday, which shouldn't be too bad. I survived last weekend's 10-miler.

I'm also reading "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. It's no "Twilight," but it's interesting, I guess. After the first few chapters I spent more time wondering who the hell came up with that kind of plot than I spent understanding it, but I've slowly eased into just going with the flow. Only 500 pages to go...