March madness.

It's spring break. Officially. That means hot sun, beaches, bikinis, sand, hotels, margaritas, blizzards, work... wait. What's going on?

Oh. Right. I don't get a spring break. I still have to work. Wisconsin's getting a "winter storm" as we speak. Er, as I type. Not the spring break I imagined.

As several people I know waste the week away in Myrtle Beach - golfing, clubbing, drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking.... ahem, ok. Anyway, as they play in the 74 degree weather, here I sit. In a cubicle. Staring at the snow.

But there is one bright spot on the horizon. Oh yes. Just one. The NCAA College Basketball Tournament. Yessss. OK, so before you get all, "I'm-so-sure-Krista-pays-attention-to-sports" on me, hear me out:

I don't pay attention to sports. (Shut your ears, Packers.) Psh. College basketball? I know I went to a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee basketball game once. Four years ago. I think they won. Villanova? Who? Where in Sam's Hell is Seton Hall? I don't know, but I have Villanova losing to Duke in the National Championship.

This is good stuff.

I enjoy a good competition. Brackets? Office pools? Money? This is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. It's the greatest excuse I can think of to sit in a sports bar, eat bar food and scream. Now, I may actually just sit at home, eat macaroni and cheese and yell at the cats, but still - I've got $5 riding on this.

I've been known to do quite well on these brackets. Just ask my ex-boyfriend. And his brother. And like six other people. I beat 'em, that's right. And two years ago, I spent three nights in a row at Buffalo Wild Wings, bloody Mary in hand and smile on my face as game after game my boys won. Of course by "my boys" I mean the teams I pick to win each round. But the nanosecond they lose, they're totally on my shit list.

So let the games begin. And until they lose, consider me Duke's biggest fan.

(They're the Blue Devils, right?)