Makes me wish I had taken up a different hobby. Skiing, perhaps. Or professional snowman building.

As I glance out the window periodically, longing for a life of freedom, I can't help but notice the blizzard that is taking shape before my eyes. I also can't help but notice it is April 11. And just weeks ago it was 74 degrees. And, also, in four months, is my wedding. Gosh, maybe if I cross my fingers it'll snow then, too!

I do not like winter in April. I do not like winter any day except Dec. 25, but still. This is ludicrous. And in case you forgot, I have to run a half marathon on Saturday. In the snow. And when it's only 42 degrees, maybe. I am not OK with this. In fact, I'm not OK with it one bit. I'd rather chew on my foot than run 13.1 miles in this weather.

Bah-humbug. I'm in a funk today. Don't mess with me. Here is what I want: sweatpants, a blanket and a book.

And The Fiance. A dog. Maybe $100, if someone were just giving it away. A really good pizza. Ice cream. Definitely ice cream. Some time in a hot tub. And Mom. And Dad and Ozzie. And probably Ozzie's girlfriend, because she's cute. And maybe some new clothes, while we're at it.

Cool, thanks.