Lots of exclamation points.

In a sudden turn of events, Mother Nature decided against decimating us all with her Humidity of Fury, and my brand new apartment suddenly became tolerable and livable. Chilly, in fact, during the night. IT. IS. AMAZING.

It took a solid week of sweating and bitching trials and tribulations, but I FINALLY settled all my ridiculous belongings into my home. I can call it that now - a "home," because I officially have a mattress pad and comforter on my bed, and there are things hanging on the walls. I also have a kitchen table not full of boxes and socks (?) and a hodge-podge of random shit that somehow found elsewhere more appropriate to be stored. Harley even christened my kitchen rug by promptly shitting on it this morning. In other news, I HATE THAT FUCKER. (No, not really). (I mean, sometimes). (But only when she POOPS on my STUFF). (It is HARD to be a cat).

I even had Showtime playing in the background, because I have that now, too. SHOWTIME. Weeds! Dexter! Californication! OMG FO'REALS PONIES. My life is amazing. Also, I'm easily pleased. Like, way too easily.

I got to sleep in fresh sheets in a new bedroom with cold air breezing through the balcony door. BALCONY! DOOR! IN MY BEDROOM! Oh, this is too much. Really.

So there you have it. I'm a real human, in an apartment with doors. And sometimes cat poop.