LOST: seasons one and two

I am in the middle of the very last episode of LOST season two. O-M-G.

I need to start off by saying that, right now, I hate Michael. I can't believe he killed Ana Lucia and Libby. I get it. I get that he has to save Walt, blah blah blah, but seriously. Damn him.

And DAMN him for conning Jack and Sawyer (swoon) and Kate and Hurley (poor Hurley) out into the jungle because right now they're all getting captured. By OTHERS. Others, people!

Michael is a stupid coward. The end.

And right now I am horribly confused about the following; Desmond's flashbacks in the hatch, Libby's connections to both Hurley (in the psych ward) and Desmond (she gave him the boat), how Sun is pregnant, why Mr. Eko is freaking out about the button, and Danielle's child, Alex, who is SO with the Others right now. And what the hell happened to Claire in that creepy place with the doctors and medicine?


And now Desmond thinks he crashed the plane?! By not pushing the button?! What?!

Let's also, for a moment, talk about Sawyer. Did you see him have sex with Ana Lucia? Because I SO did. Hot. Gosh, he does not suck at all. Not one bit. I like him angry. He's so angry and southern. Meow.

OK, back to the show. I'll have you know Locke just smashed the computer and Mr. Eko is potentially dead and Desmond is freaking the hell out. And Locke did not push the button, and I think Desmond is going to die. The hatch is tearin' shit up, all magnetized and whatnot.

Oooh! Desmond is saving the day! Everything is all bright and loud and blinding!

What just happened?

Who the hell is "Henry"? Is he like the leader of these Others characters? And why the hell is Michael sailing away on a boat with Walt? Oh, I know. Because he SUCKS.

In other news, Claire and Charlie are totally in love...

WHAT THE HELL?! Who are the men in the snow!? And why are they calling Desmond's woman, OMG!?

OK. I need season three. Stat.