Long time, no blog.

Oh hey friends. So it's hard to maintain a blog and try to write a novel and do nothing but sit on the couch day after day ALL AT THE SAME TIME. So, hi. Remember me? Hello. Speaking of that novel, I've got some major writing to do if I intend to hit 50,000 words come next week. And no, no teasers for you today. Sorry, dudes. I'm too stressed trying to work on it to give you any more at the moment.

Who's seen "Breaking Dawn" already? Don't worry, I've seen it twice. And ladies, if you ever come across a man who would rather die than watch a Twilight movie, but offers and takes you anyway, you just hang on real tight. That's huge. Like, deal-breaker huge. I'm just saying.

But really. DID YOU SEE IT? Edward! Jacob! Bella! Charlie! I'm totally on Team Charlie. You guys, how adorable is he? Every scene he's ever been in throughout all four movies has made me smile. Aw, Charlie. Seth and Leah are also two new favorites. Love me some werewolf siblings. My only complaint is having to wait an entire year to finally see Bella as a vampire. Oh, and also that ridiculous wolf pow-wow scene. That was pretty, pretty silly. But then Edward, like, breathes or something, and everything is better.

What else is new?

Well, my knee is bum. I can run, but not without having to stop and stretch my hamstring to death every few miles because my knee seizes up and wants to lock in place. It's weird, but uh, it's hard to run like that. This has been going on for about three weeks now, and it's driving me crazy. Nothing happened in particular. Ran an easy half marathon one day with no problems, then two days later this started. I worry about never being able to run again, and I start sweating and can't breathe and start scratching the walls, so... fingers crossed.

No news on the job front, unfortunately. Already got one rejection a few days after an interview. It... sucked. I've never been one to accept rejection very well in any aspect of life. Ever. Job rejection after having already lost a job is like kicking a girl while she's down. I got over it. I guess that's part of this whole starting over process.

In other news, I'm a happy girl. Life is good. It moves on. It gets better. I've reconnected with someone amazing who's reminded me of all of this. So with that, I leave you with best wishes for your Thanksgiving. Eat a lot. Mostly pie. Eat lots of pie. I will.