I have a hilarious friend Ellen. We refer to her as "LmNop." Get it? LmNop? LN? L? N? ELLEN? Yes, OK, you're with me. Every note I receive from her is signed "LmNop." Never fails. It's my pet name for her. It works. It's special. My pet name from her is "Koo Koo." It stems waaaay back to two years ago when we found ourselves at the most bizarre concert of all time. The band? Koo Koo Kanga Roo. They were awesome. Read the hyper-linked blog post. You'll understand.

Koo Koo and LmNop. LmNop and Koo Koo. Two peas in a pod. Koo Koo Kanga Roo is the magical, absurd glue that will forever hold us together. On that fateful night I signed up for the band's email list, so time and time again I get an email update from the silly boys and smile, thinking of Ellen.

But yesterday it happened. The stars aligned and the most mind-blowing coincidence in all of the universe struck my inbox:

"LMNOP music video comes out later today!"


And then they tweeted it. IT WAS REAL.

The first thing I did after cleaning the brain goo from my couch from whence my mind exploded was message Ellen. Something along the lines of "OMG DID YOU SEE THIS HOLY CRAP UNICORNS?1!?"

It was true. Our band, the band that formed our pea pod, solidified everything awesome that could ever happen in the world.

IT'S A SIGN FROM THE JESUS. DREAMS DO COME TRUE. And now you know. You're welcome.