Like Law & Order, only real. And creepier.

I spent three hours in a courtroom this morning, taking diligent notes on the proceedings. A man is being charged with murder. Stabbing, strangulation. Three victims. As brutal as it sounds.

I've sat in on a few different court hearings in the past several months, some of them murder, others not, but this one in particular gave me the willies. A forensic pathologist testified this morning, discussing the details of the autopsy reports. Turns out stab wounds and death by strangulation are horrifying.

Shocking, I know.

But listening to him speak so scientifically about the state of the victims, using words like "decedent" and "protrudent" and "postmortem" made me wince. And each time he made reference to the hemorrhaging in the victims' eyes, or the location of each stabbing laceration, I heard a muffled cry from the courtroom gallery. The family.

The defendant - the man accused - sat next to his attorneys. We made eye contact at one point, which made me want to close my eyes and poke them out with spears. Creepy, times ten.

I'd perhaps prefer to just get my criminal justice from cable television.