Like I can come up with five more things...

So, I've been tagged. And now I have to come up with five things you don't know about me. Because the other 100 I already compiled aren't enough. Hmmm. This will require some contemplation. Give me a moment.

Another moment...

Still thinking.



1) I love hot tea. However, it was peer pressure. The first time I ever drank tea was in the yoga class I took my last semester of college. The room was dark. Girls, and some guys, were sprawled on their yoga mats in leotards, apparently deep in contemplation. I, however, wore sweatpants, a t-shirt and curled into the fetal position on my mat. Hell, this was a good time to catch a quick nap. Class didn't start for 15 minutes. Our yoga instructor waltzed in, dimmed the lights, lit candles, put on some mood music and set out a pot of herbal tea. One by one, leotarded girls and boys peeled themselves from their mats, picked up the dainty, white teacups and poured themselves a glass. Herbal tea. Good for the soul. Or something. It was bad enough I left my leotard, uh, at home, and used my mat for a nap, so I didn't want to be left out of this socialization. I poured myself a cup. It tasted like hot water. But I pretended it was cleansing my aura, like everyone else. And I drank a cup at every class after that. Today I love tea. And hate yoga.

2) The first movie to ever make me cry was The Lion King. I was 12. I saw it at the theater with my parents. And I cried, silently, from my seat. And felt stupid. But, hello, Mufasa died. And it was tragic. And little Simba was all alone. Dad? Dad? Wake up, Dad. It's still my favorite Disney movie of all time. The second movie to ever make me cry was Of Mice And Men. The thought of that movie still makes me shudder.

3) The last time I ever saw my childhood cat, I had come home from college for a dentist appointment. She followed me up to my bedroom, like she usually did, where I retreated to take a nap. She sat next to me on the bed. Sat, didn't lay down. Didn't sleep. She was watching me when I fell asleep. When I woke up, she was still there. Watching, not sleeping. I remember thinking it odd. She died only a couple weeks later. I don't remember giving her any special attention before I left that afternoon. I regret that still, almost five years later.

4) I went to elementary school with the most vile girl I ever met. She was mean. Not mean in the typical first-grade fashion, with name-calling and tattle-taling. But mean in a way that made my 6-year-old self want to rip her hair out. She tormented us. She spit when she talked. She swore before we knew what "bitch" meant. She may be the first person I ever hated, a list of people that today isn't terribly long, but is still rather exclusive. Last year, she died in a car accident. She had a kid. I wondered at the time if I should feel bad, but I didn't.

5) When I was very small, my grandparents lived on a huge stretch of land with horses and sheep. Grandma used to walk me down the old highway, along the fence, so I could pet the horses. One day, as I was fiddling with the long blades of grass along the fence, one of them sliced my finger. I don't remember it hurting, but I cried anyway because that's what I do when there are no other options and I see blood. Grandma tsk-tsk'd, and sucked air in through her teeth like she does when on the verge of an unpleasant situation, and asked what happened. I told her the horse bit me. She's always believed me.

OK, then. Time for me to tag. Mandy, Bethany, Stephanie, Sara and KLH-P. You're it.