Like Christmas all over again.

I received an iPod Nano for Christmas. Silver. Small. Beautiful. Perfect. Four whole gigabytes. Sigh.

So, of course, when I wanted to upload it - immediately - with magical music, and use it - immediately - with my Nike+ System, I couldn't. I needed the updated version of iTunes, and in order to download said version of iTunes, I needed Internet. Didn't have it at the time.

So, great. I had no updated version of iTunes or Internet. Which, in turn, meant no Nano.

But finally, after much dragging of the feet, I downloaded the latest version of iTunes last night. And I uploaded ol' Mork (the name of the Nano, thank you) with music. Lots of music, perfect for running. I need loud music for running. Angry music. Something to take my mind off the fact that I'm running.

And now I have it. And instead of lugging the old, faithful 30G on my arm, I've got sweet, sweet Mork. It almost makes running on the treadmill worth it. Almost. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.