Like a little, bitty alien foot.

Bridesmaid Lori is about to let loose a child into the world at any moment. OK, her due date is a couple weeks out yet, but stranger things have happened.

I got to spend some time with her Tuesday night, and ogle at the pregnant belly that I probably won't see on her again for a while. Because I know she's got another kid in her somewhere. And maybe, if I (brainwash The Fiance. Cough) play my cards right, I'll have a pregnant belly, too, before I'm 43.

So, Tuesday night. We had a ladies night, did a little shopping, ate a little dinner, ate a LOT of ice cream and I felt a CHILD hiccup in her stomach! This is just beyond my comprehension. I've never really known anyone to be pregnant, and if I did, I certainly wasn't huddled next to her on the couch, groping her stomach, but it's Lori. And I can.

And after we stuffed ourselves with ice cream, small, unborn Skylar was freaking the hell out. Kicking, rolling. A fit of hiccups. And I SAW it. And I felt it! And her little, bitty foot pressed with all of its might, all, "It'd be awesome if I could come out now, by the way." And her bitty foot kicked my hand. And I am just astonished at this. Her baby rump was sticking straight up one direction, while her foot's kicking another, and I'm fairly convinced she'll come out doing cartwheels.

I was never really one to get a thrill out of ultrasound photos. Nonetheless recognize that, that blob I was looking at? Was a baby. And I'm definitely not one to notice a resemblance between newborn and parent. But Skylar, the little fetus that she is, looks like a baby! And she has Lori's NOSE.

All of these fun things make me want to have a baby.

Just kidding.


Ha, ha.