Like a hangover, only nobody's puking.

What a week! I was so high on life this week. Like, I'm not even kidding a little. I was so productive, what with the introduction of cable and DVR in my life, the completion of season 5 of LOST, the arrival of my first Netflix DVDs. I actively volunteered to raise a few thousand dollars (albeit for an amazing cause), proposed a blogging project to my bosses, paid some bills, planned an impromptu fundraiser in Milwaukee next weekend. I polished up my resume, wrote a killer cover letter, sent it off to a magical job prospect. Made some friends, planned a group run, got a new cubicle. WHOA.

Stuff. All over the place. I don't even recognize myself. I've sat here stagnant for months. Suddenly, I've decided to do EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD ALL AT ONCE, GIVE IT TO ME NOW. Which is kind of how I've rolled my entire life. Nothing. And then, BAM. I need it all right now.


But it's made me quite happy. I dare say I even survived this entire day at work without wanting to die even one time. That is progress. I feel motivated. Useful. Like my life has a purpose again. Because, let's be honest, for the last six months it's had no purpose. Who am I kidding? So I'm really thankful for that. I've turned to babbling. I just talk and can't stop. I'm excited about EVERYTHING. This, and that! And over there! And this again! And, by the way, I raised $600 in, like, 24 hours! OMG PEOPLE ARE MAGICAL.

But then, if I think really hard about it, I'm like, WHOA. Hold the phone. Stop the train. This is a LOT. I went from zero to 60 in four days. Suddenly, instead of having nothing to do, I've got everything to do. And because I'm absolutely OCD, I need everything to be planned and organized and neat and orderly and correct and perfect.

You try perfecting and organizing all of that.


It feels a little overwhelming. But at the same time, the complete turnaround and joy absolutely trumps the fact that I can't handle 32 things at once. Because I'll handle it all, eventually. It'll all come together. I'll make the most of it.

And most importantly, I'm only at home with cats and nothing to do 67 percent of the time, as opposed to 92 percent. Life progress.