Let's rant about self-worth, shall we?

I've now been in my new job for just over a month. ALREADY. Time flies and all that. But there's something real I need to discuss here today. As opposed to pig carcasses and sexy African American celebrities. It's incredible to me how much my self-worth has skyrocketed in just one short month. And I don't mean in comparison to my time unemployed. Of course my self-worth was at rock bottom then. But I mean when compared to the entire year and a half I spent in my previous position.

Losing a job is always a surefire way to feel like a failure. But I felt like a failure long before that. I didn't feel good at the job. I was in an environment where I felt looked over. There was no time for personal growth and development, partly because it was fast-paced and partly because, well, I don't think they gave a damn. I don't mean for this post to be a slam on my previous employer. It was my experience alone. But the more time I spend in my new environment, the more angry I become about my time spent in the old.

I thought I was a poor employee. I thought I wasn't good at my job. I thought I was failing as an adult, as a professional. Failing at my profession. What do you do when you're bad at the one thing you know how to do? I was spoken to as though I were a moron about 60 percent of the time. Felt awkward asking questions because how dare I not already know the answer. The environment is what quashed my chances in the end. I will believe that until the end of time. It wasn't productive for me, it wasn't positive, it wasn't helpful. And it left me feeling as though I failed. Like I was a failure. And boy, does that chap my ass.

In one month's time I feel appreciated. I feel talented. I feel the talents I do have are being utilized and appreciated. I feel like an integral piece of the puzzle. People seek my opinion and respect it. I've already grown professionally. Learned things I didn't know before. I haven't felt stupid once, save for maybe the one or two times I failed miserably during an air-drum solo at the end of the day. The environment is positive, encouraging, refreshing. I laugh, a lot. I look forward to my days.

What it comes down to is this job, while it's identical in title, is a better fit for me. It suits my particular talents and my particular personality. So don't sell yourself short. If you fail once, you haven't failed totally. There is another opportunity waiting that wraps itself around the intricacies of who you are and makes you feel like you're right where you belong. One person's trash is another's treasure, they say. It's absolutely true. Apply that to every aspect of your life because it will always fit.

And that, friends, is today's public service announcement. And while you're at it, enjoy this photo of myself trapped in tree branches yesterday. All in a day's work: