Lazy gob.

What kind of gym does not have a drinking fountain, honest to god? I scoured every inch of my gym tonight as I was dying  a slow death-by-dehydration, and nope. Nada. That's what I get for joining a 24-hour, Wal-mart-of-gyms gym. Duh, Krista. BRING YOUR OWN WATER APPARENTLY. Gah... scoff.

I'm eating fruit right now. Assorted "melons," if you will. Some watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple... What I REALLY want to be eating are some Blazin' Buffalo Doritos, not gonna lie. But no. I'm being strong. All, "Want to know what's a good idea? Trying to give up junk food for Lent because, hey! Eating fruit is totally more fun than donuts and potato chips!" That's a lie. Fruit is GOOD, don't get me wrong, but a pineapple is no Dorito.

Le sigh. I am trying.

Today was my day off. Want to know what I didn't do? Leave my bed. Well, I did that one time to randomly vacuum and dust my bookshelves, but that was one of those moments. I couldn't help it. If I did not dust my bookshelves at that EXACT moment, my head was going to explode. And while I'm at it, I may as well vacuum. Obviously. And then back to bed. I just rolled around in bed, in and out of a napping state. Granted, I did get in about 2 hours of exercise eventually tonight, but I'm already back in bed. In front of the TV. Eating fruit.

And now it's almost bedtime. Look at that! The day comes full circle.