Krittabug Book Club FOR THE WIN.

In my mind, joining a book club was a step in the right direction toward Becoming a Grownup. I may be almost 30, but more often than not I feel a little behind in the game. I still sleep with an Edward Cullen pillowcase on my favorite pillow, OK? So just deal with it. Raise your hand if you're still surprised I'm unmarried without children. Joining an already-active book club is hard. It's like trying to fit in with the cool kids in school. They're already established. They already "belong." You're the new kid. You probably smell. So I did the next best thing -- I started my own damn book club.

Enter Krittabug Book Club, or #KBC for the Twitter-inclined. It's super original, I know. You mean, it's a book club? Started by Krittabug? MY MIND IS BLOWN. I invited a handful of my literary-inclined girlfriends, and a couple others (discuss amongst yourselves, ladies, who's who), and a few of them invited some of their own literary-inclined pals. SUDDENLY WE HAD A BOOK CLUB. On paper, anyway. Creating a book club is easy. Successfully pulling it off and maintaining said book club is trickier. I told myself I'd not cross this agenda item off my 2011 Bucket List until we had two successful, consecutive meetings.

WE LOOKY HERE, MY FRIENDS. We done did it.

Our first meeting over the summer was a bit informal. Half the group couldn't make it, half the group didn't finish the book. We met downtown at Concerts on the Square, not necessarily the best locale for book club discussion, so we just called it a KBC Meet & Greet and swept it under the rug. But it happened! And we read The Help! And I, the creator and namesake of Krittabug Book Club, did not finish it in time! But it happened. We meeted and greeted and picked a new book and scheduled an official first meeting. (For the record, I eventually finished the book and loved it).

Enter The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. OK book, fabulous meeting. I hosted! People came! People read the book! (*raises hand*) We ate! We drank wine! We discussed! Excuse me, I have a tear.

Our next book, Miracle Beach, and meeting happened last night. TWO. SUCCESSFUL. KRITTABUG BOOK CLUB MEETINGS. Last night we had a couple new ladies, a whole lot of food, a couple fabulous doggies and lots of book choices. We discussed, like really discussed. And we ate and laughed and picked another book (Cutting for Stone).

Ladies and gentleman, I dare say I have myself a successful book club. I's so proud!

Mission: complete (and carrying on).