Knowing how to make a girl shed a tear.

In honor of my (!!) birthday, I thought I'd share this post from my bestest, Manda. She says it best:

I don’t have any sisters. Or brothers. I’m what they call a “lonely only.” Or a spoiled brat. Either way.

But once and awhile some power puts people in your, or my life, that make you know exactly what it feels like to have something that by the age of 24 is looking pretty impossible to get. A sister. Like, a brother from a different mother, except we’re girls.

I have a few people like that in my life. But when you divide up the list of who is important in your life - best friend forever, best friend, BFF, best pal, etc. - there is one who always falls in the sister category.

We’ve lived through fights and smiles, tears and heartbreaks, bloody marys and boxed wine and we always end up where we started, loving each other. Much like sisters do.

No matter what town we live in, we remain close and always have the ability to pick up where we left off. We get inside jokes via e-mail and gmail chats. We don’t ever have to talk on the phone to remain at the top of each other’s list because we know each other well enough to know that talking on the phone is not what we do. The powers that be keep us close. Like sisters. Except I guess we’re lucky we do not share a mom, because we’d probably hear way too frequently, “call your sister.”

Today is her birthday. And even though I’m here and she’s there and it’s impossible for us to celebrate in the same room on this day, she knows I’m thinking about her. Happy Birthday, Krista.