Kind of a geek.

So I just took more than an acceptable amount of time Googling John Dillinger, and man, I am fascinated. I won't lie, until I read, word for word, his extensive Wikipedia entry, there wasn't a lot I knew about him, other then some nonsense about bank robberies and a famed rumor about the size of his, uh, you know.

Of course, like everyone else in a tri-state radius, when Johnny Depp came to Wisconsin, and spent a considerable amount of time in my old stomping grounds (sigh), to film his new movie, Public Enemies, I suddenly discovered my interest had piqued.

Johnny Depp and Co. are currently filming in Manitowish Waters, Wis., at the site of an actual shootout between Dillinger and the FBI. Apparently, the filming of the scene occurred on the actual 74th anniversary of the event. NEAT. I AM SUCH A DORK.

I didn't realize how many Wisconsin ties Dillinger had. It's so fascinating to me. And he got shot and killed outside a theater in Chicago that I am absolutely determined to visit now.

I haven't decided if it's pathetic or fortunate that it takes Hollywood (and Johnny Depp, hello) to pique my interest in such famed history. Am I just another dimwit twenty-something who learns of culture in the movies? (Probably). But at the same time, at least I've taken an interest. I likely wouldn't have otherwise.

I'd like to visit these Dillinger landmarks - the Little Bohemia in Manitowish Waters, the Biograph Theater in Chicago (and the subsequent alley where he died in a pool of blood), and his grave site in Indiana.

I am absolutely fascinated by things like this. Prisons, cemeteries, crime stories, Johnny Depp, cough. The Titanic, for example, is another obsession. The day I can visit the place it rests on the ocean floor is the day I can die a satisfied woman (because I've already seen My Chemical Romance live now, of course).

I want to see, firsthand, these historic landmarks. I want to see Alcatraz. I want to see where JFK was assassinated. I want to see ev-er-y-thing.

So, anyway, point is, I'm totally in line to see that movie when it comes out next year.