Kill me dead! My life is complete.

I don't even know if I can get these words out of my fingertips right now. Whew. Big breath! Sigh. OK. Ahem.





I cannot even breathe properly right now. I have been waiting for this moment for approximately two years and one month. At least. Ever since Erin handed over a copy of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and Gerard Way screamed in my ear for the first time. We've been in scary, emo love ever since.

Oh, the angst.

Again, this concert opportunity happened on a whim. And neither hell nor $30 can keep me from that concert in Chicago on Friday.

I don't know if anyone can comprehend how absolutely, out-of-control excited I am right now. In one week's time, almost, I saw Jason Mraz, ran my best half marathon and scored tickets to see My Chemical Romance.

Oh, delightful! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. Squee! So angry, they are! BIG SIGH!

BethJ and Chicago Dave are being pushed, pulled and dragged, kicking and screaming accompanying me to the show. Man, they're troopers. I already told them to pick me up at Gerard's hotel on Saturday morning.

WHAT? I'm just sayin'.

So, that is my news. After Friday, I can officially die. I will have lived a complete life. In true Krista-and-Erin fashion, I had the following e-mail exchange with Erin, who is currently with child, upon learning of my ticket score:

Krista: "I AM GOING TO SEE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE IN CHICAGO ON FRIDAY!?!11!12!3!@34242341!!~!! Omg. I will tell Gerard you said hello. After we have sexual intercourse."

Erin: "I AM SO JEALOUS! Tell him the baby's his."

Ah. Life is grand. And full of angst. Dammit, I love me this week.