Justice League of Triathlon

There's something about a group of people in sport watches and dry-wicking pullovers that makes me comfortable. Or maybe it was the fact that I pulled myself together in approximately 8 minutes, had wet hair in a ponytail, and a dry-wicking shirt on, myself. I belonged.

After a long-anticipated six-miler with Erin this afternoon, I met for dinner with the Justice League of Triathlon. Or, "JLT," as it's lovingly referred to.

It sort of makes me feel like I belong to a secret society of superheroes in tights, and really, that's almost accurate, but much cooler.

Here was a group of triathletes, Erin included, who not only know how to tear up some delicious Mexican cuisine, but have also completed the Wisconsin Ironman.




But they welcomed me in, despite my meager experience with a sprint distance triathlon a la 2004. Erin, Chief of Stuff, XT4, Triteacher, BRAZO, RobbyB and Thoms.

This is a great group of people. Different ages, life experiences, careers, abilities - but one commonality: triathlon. Running, biking, swimming. And they're inspiring.

Now don't get me wrong. We didn't spend two hours comparing heart rates and RPMs and transition strategies. In fact, we laughed a lot, and I successfully finished one lethal margarita. But I did learn that this is what I miss. I miss having a training group. I miss the camaraderie. I miss people understanding the absolute, dire need for Body Glide.

It was great to run with Erin again tonight, too. It's been nearly two months. We had plenty to catch up on, and have lots more running to do this spring.

I'm relieved that training season is back. It's about time.