Just some things.

Why do I suddenly feel like Hollywood is trying to kill us? First rumors of both Izzie AND George leaving "Grey's Anatomy," and now I'm hearing they may axe Taylor Lautner as Jacob in the "Twilight" sequels because he's too baby-faced to play bulking, 6-foot werewolf Jacob. Sigh.

I do not adjust well to such change. Thank the LAWD they are not touching Edward or Bella. I'd be raisin' my fists. 

In other non-kill-y Hollywood news, DID YOU SEE that Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are together again in a movie? OMG. They were my original lovers. The Bella and Edward of the late 90s. "Titanic" was my "Twilight." Makes me want to go watch a ship sink. 

Also, I read "Marley & Me." It was OK. Before you go all OMG YOU HATE PUPPIES! on me, I DID like it, it just didn't knock my socks off. I'm excited to see the movie, though. 

And - go here. Look around. Just sayin'. 

While I'm on the topic of nothing related to the following news, I ran this morning after a 3-day, uh, break. I could definitely feel that break, too. No more 3-day breaks. It's like once I stop running for any amount of days, I can't stop not running. I just want to sit on the couch all night eating Sour Patch Kids. And I want to stay in bed 'til the last possible minute each morning before I border on going to work un-showered. 

It's the lazy plague.

So, that's all I have to report this morning. The store's busy. I'm finally shoe-knowledgeable and can comfortably send someone out the door with a pair of shoes that won't, like, break their ankles. 

It's the small things in life, really.