Just some things.

When I woke up this morning, the tree skirt formerly under my Christmas tree was across the room. Clearly the cats are adjusting well to the move, seeing as though they're naughty, as usual. Harley's already tried to climb the tree.  I'm adjusting, too. I don't have cable, so I tend to just blare music from my iTunes and read. A lot. It took me two days to read Twilight. For the second time. And I must say, it's better the second time, after you've read the entire series. You can make a lot more connections. 

So other than reading and readjusting the tree skirt, I often just stare at the awesomeness that is my apartment. Since, you know, there's not much else to do. Besides post Twilight paraphernalia on my blog. 

I found a new running friend, too. She's engaged to my boss, and they live just down the block. We ran together on Tuesday morning and already have grand running plans in our future. 

Speaking of running, the job is going swimmingly. The store has been run by two guys for the past four years, so I'm using my estrogen powers to spruce the place up. As in, vacuum. And clean. And organize. 

While we're on the topic of estrogen, next weekend my sister and I are having bonding time. She's taking me to a Jason Mraz concert on Friday, and we're going to see Twilight on Saturday. Seriously, my head might explode. JASON MRAZ and TWILIGHT. In a matter of 24 hours. It will probably take me two or 11 days to form coherent sentences after that weekend.

Stay tuned.