Just some Monday night television.

I'm sitting here watching an old episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, and I want to poke my eyes out. SUCH A TRAIN WRECK. This is an episode from last year, and Kate is as heinous as ever. Be-freaking-otch. Seriously. If I were Jon, I'd be boning a 23-year-old, too. Seriously. She's unbelievable.

I've been having complete girl moments for two days now. As I was flipping channels last night, I came across Titanic. OMG, I love Titanic. You know I love Titanic.

Jack Dawson was my original Edward Cullen. Gawd, I loved him. All 43-hundred-and-67-billion times I've seen that movie, still love him.

So last night I watched Titanic. And live-tweeted the entire time. It was mostly a lot of OMGs and SIGHs and FUCKING ICEBERGs, so not really worth the read, if we're going to be honest.

But I still love that movie.

I got home from a run tonight and found The Notebook on TV. Reeeeally? Oh, le sigh, who doesn't love that love story, seeeeriously?

Makes me all weepy, so I decided to paint my nails to complete the estrogen trifecta. And now I'm sitting here with painted fingernails, watching Jon & Kate Plus 8.


And so that's what I've been doing, other than working over the weekend and suffering from the earth's worst hangover of all time, which I'm pretty sure I just recovered from today. Someone needs to teach me about alcohol tolerance. Or take away the vodka tonic. Luckily, I've been reminded of why I drink so very rarely. Also that I'm very, very boring.

... and now I'm watching Obsessed on A&E. What the heck is this? These people are nuts. Absolutely painful to watch. I think I'm getting a twitch just watching it. SHE'S USING A TOOTHBRUSH TO REACH INSIDE HER, YOU KNOW, AND CLEAN HERSELF OUT.



This is really happening.

I can't even handle it.

And here I thought I had a nail-biting problem.