Jason, you can be my geek in the pink.

"... the feelings were mutual and we will always be friends. but yes. this is the end."

A terrible thing has happened. Maybe I jinxed them. Maybe she realized it wasn't meant to be. Maybe he realized he loves me. (OK, honestly. Let a girl dream, people.)

Regardless, it's happened: the Jason Mraz/Tristan Prettyman relationship has come to a close. Sigh.

And I don't know who to feel bad for. I mean, there's Jason: Broken-hearted. Alone. Sad. Adorable. In need of loving. And kissing. And... OK, Krista, that's enough. And then there's Tristan, who, well, I don't know what to say. But come on, it's Jason Mraz.

Now, I'm no love expert. Trust me. No expert. But I know a thing or two (or eight) about break-ups, and no matter which way you put it, it's no party. And clearly, according to Jason's journal, he's having no party:

"I go to sleep early insisting I’m doing it for health and beauty, but really it’s to avoid my shame and depression... Over and over again I ask myself what a girl does 3000 miles away over water and land, knowing damn well the last time we spoke she referred to me as her baby and spoke with a lovers tongue."

Sigh. I know, Jason. I know.

I should be happy, right? I do remember the dread I felt in learning he had a girlfriend in the first place. But then I bought her CD. And it was good. And I liked her. They were cute. And I thought, "If anyone gets Jason, it should be her." Her CD didn't leave my car's CD player for at least a good three weeks.

But now what? What is one to do when two friends part ways? I can't choose sides, can I? If I play Mr. A-Z tomorrow, should I listen to t w e n t y t h r e e the next day? Do I give them equal listening rights? Would it be insensitive to see Jason in concert and not Tristan?

This is all too much to take in at once. I need a time out. Time to collect my thoughts, reminisce about the good times, pack away mementos of the relationship. You know, that one blog I wrote about it. It might take some time to heal.

And, uh, don't tell Tristan, but I'm totally listening to Jason on my iPod right now.

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