I've got a lot of purses, but don't call me "girly."

21. That's how many purses I counted this morning as I was gutting my closet in hopes of salvation from the clutter. OK, so I'm an accessory whore. I have a need for purses, and that need may be stronger than my need for nourishment or even companionship. A girl's got to have somewhere to keep her worldly posessions, i.e. cell phone, chapstick, fashionable wallet and gum. In my case, Orbit breath mints.

I don't have designer purses. Like I'm going to spend more on a purse than I would a car payment. The most I've spent on any purse is approximately $40, and that was a fluke. And just because it was so expensive, I make an extra effort to throw it into rotation more frequently than the others.

But I've got purses. And I like it. And if I wanted, I could carry a different purse every day for almost the entire month of February. (God bless 28-day months). Call it (almost) 24 years of collecting. Not bad.

Categorize me as a purse-a-holic. Call me what you wish. But don't call me girly. I may own more purses than most people own socks, but I like to call it a hobby, not a characteristic of girliness.

Girlies wear pink, like every day. They don't leave the house without makeup. Girlies can't break nails, or lift a finger otherwise. Girlies don't sweat, they glow. Girlies are "cute." Girlies don't get dirty. They spend more money on beauty products than they do bills. Girlies are, well, girly.

If I buy a pink shirt, it's by default: I like the shirt, and it happens to be pink. I leave the house without make-up. All the time. Don't get me wrong, I wear make-up, and I like it, but if it didn't exist, I could still go out in public. I sweat. I work out, and I sweat. A lot. I buy my beauty products from Walgreens. On sale. When I have enough money left after paying bills to buy beauty products, that is. Enough said.

Maybe girly is a stereotype. But someone once told me a stereotype is a stereotype for a reason. Maybe it's undeserved, I don't know. I do enjoy a little girliness now and then, just don't call me one. Ever.

And we'll just keep it between you and I that I have pink, sparkly lip gloss in my purse today.