I've been tagged. This could be nothing but bad.

So, I've been tagged by Bethany over at Word Nerd to continue this post. And so it shall be done.

Five things I want to do, someday, in no order of importance. Here goes:

1. Write a novel. So, I know this may never happen, but how fabulous would that be? I often ponder the idea, but then I start thinking about plots and plot twists and too many characters and oh my God I get so overwhelmed my blood pressure raises. I want to write something good. And original. And I fear I've read too many books now, and I'll never be able to come up with an original idea of my own. However, let's just call it a dream of mine.

2. Visit Auschwitz. This likely makes me sound creepy. I don't care. The Sister visited Auschwitz while abroad in Poland, and I'm fascinated. I've read so many books and have seen so many movies about the topic, that it's something I need to see for myself. I certainly don't consider myself a history buff, in fact, I despise history, however, Auschwitz is something powerful. Something I'd love to see.

3. Run another marathon. Nothing, except maybe marriage, will top the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, happiness, absolute-beyond-belief, that crossing that finish line can bring. I can't even think about it without getting goosebumps. So, bring it on. Maybe. Someday.

4. Go to the Boundary Waters. I don't know what I'd do when I got there, but man, that'd be fantastic. No roads. No people. No buildings. All lakes and forests and wildlife. It's like the ultimate camping trip.

5. Meet Jason Mraz. Hey, I've got to be superficial in here somewhere, don't I? Besides, hello, it's Jason Mraz. Enough said.

So, now it's my turn to tag. Um, here I go:

Erin, you're it.
Other Erin, too. Clearly.
And, um, Deloris.

OK. Ready, set - GO.