It's cold, let's talk about it

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the weather in this blog post. Old Man Winter went full-blown Wisconsin, and we're currently sitting at a cozy 12-below zero. With the wind chill, it's a solid 31-below. That's 31 degrees below zero. Not only is there not a single degree to be found outside, but we're actually in debt. We over-drafted the temperature. I personally feel that once we reach a point where we're actually taking degrees away and out of existence, it all feels the same. It feels terrible.

So if you're wondering what negative 31 degrees feels like, don't. In fact, just ask my balcony door. It looks like this. On the INSIDE:

The arctic grows on the inside

The arctic grows on the inside

Thank the sweet lord this was the year I moved into an apartment with heated, underground parking. It's also the year I got a new car. I say new, but I mean "new" because it's still eight years old. However, it's new to me, and it's clean, and it doesn't smell like a gym, and HEATED SEATS. The combination of heated, underground parking and heated seats has left me unsure how I ever survived a Wisconsin winter before this very moment. It's a cold, cold world out there, but I wouldn't know it because my car sits safe and sound in its privileged underworld and I haven't left my couch in two hours.

Speaking of, there's no way in hell I'm running in this weather. For starters, I enjoy the act of being alive. I suppose that should be reason enough to not run at a time when the phrase "polar vortex" is permeating the weather news. But also, winter running has lost its appeal. Mostly, I've become weak. I don't like being cold and regularly losing my footing on uneven snow and ice. Basically I've become every other person on earth, because does anyone enjoy that? The difference is other people tolerate it. I used to tolerate it. Instead I'm all, "Oh, I can be warm and comfortable on the couch? OK bye." 

Surely, as soon as I hit "register" on a spring marathon I'll change my tune. Probably. Maybe? 

I'm eyeing Grandma's Marathon, by the way. Has anyone ever run it? What'd you think? Is it worth getting off my ass and dealing with winter running? This will be up for debate for the next month. Right now my opinion is that yes, it is worth getting off the couch this winter. I've just yet to convince my ass of that.

In other news, as promised, I pulled another of the 365 Happies from the jar, and this one's dated January 11, 2013:

"Moved into my OWN office at work today!"

Nearly a year ago. I remember that day. It was the bright spot in the turmoil that was January of last year. I've already moved back out of that office, but I've gained an office mate and good friend out of the deal, so I'm over it.

In case you were losing sleep on whether I'd be giving up soda for the year, I thought it pertinent to update you and let you know that I still haven't decided. But, for what it's worth, we're six days in, and I still haven't had a soda. I think the key to life goals, you guys, is to never decide. Instead, hang out in limbo either doing or not doing what you want or don't want to do. It is there you'll find the success you seek. 

Go forth and prosper, my friends. Or don't prosper. Prosper halfway.