It's marathon weekend.

In less than 36 hours I'll be in the middle of a marathon. Neat!

I made it a point tonight to relax and be lazy, which, let's be honest, wasn't hard at all. It's always been said that a good night's sleep is best two nights before a race, because it's rare to actually get a good night's sleep the night before.

So that's what I'll do.

I've been in sweatpants since 5 p.m., ate some carbs and have been in front of the TV, drinking water (and eating ice cream...) since. It's a glorious Friday night, if I do say so myself.

My leg's have been hypersensitive all week (kind of like me). Every time I take a step - OMG, does my shin hurt? Why is my hamstring sore? Is that a blister? I only ran once this week, and spent one day on rollerblades (which was super fantastic, and a complete shin splint cure). I'm hoping the rest will help, and not hurt, me on Sunday morning.

I still can't decide if I just want to survive Sunday's marathon, or actually do something good. Obviously, it's not my choice, but I can't figure out what my body's telling me. I'm sure that'll be real clear come mile 18 or so. I'm hoping for something good.

So tomorrow I'll dink around the race expo, eat a pasta dinner, partake in a complete play-by-play of last night's "Grey's Anatomy" with a gal pal and fellow runner, and continue "the big rest."

The gun goes off at 7:30 Sunday morning in front of Lambeau Field. Keep your fingers crossed for something good.