It's going to be dark when you leave work today. You're welcome for the reminder.

Oh hi there. Just me. Checking in. I feel like I don't have anything nearly as monumental to say since my last post about Twitter and blogging and magical strangers on the Internet. I spoke to a second class the next day. Same topic. Different audience. Much scarier. They were a little less talkative, and much more interested in my blog content rather than anything I had to ramble on about in regards to the powers of social networking. I don't blame them. But I was in rare form that day. Cranky. Had been busy arguing the validity of sweatpants with an Internet stranger via Twitter earlier in the day.

I know. Intense.

When one of the first questions was, "So, what was it like to get put in handcuffs for peeing in an alley?" I did a mental face palm and braced myself for the next hour. Also something like OMFG WHY DO I PUT ALL OF THESE STORIES ON THE INTERNETS STUPID STUPID STUPID went through my head. Four-year-old stories can still come back to get you, friends.

Someone else asked what kind of beer I liked to drink. Another wanted to know why I didn't just have a diary. All of them stared at me. I very quickly remembered why I do not partake in public speaking as I felt the beads of sweat run down my back. Literally. I felt them. I sweat when I'm nervous. A lot.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm glad that's all over. Commence the hermitage and typity-typing away on the internets, rather than actual communication face-to-face. La, la, la... nobody stares at me here...*sticks out tongue*

Before I go, have you all been keeping up with your daily "I'm thankful for..." project? I totally have, and I'm patting myself on the back for it because I always, always let that kind of thing fall through the cracks. I'm a follow-through failure. This time, however, I bought pretty, pretty colored notecards. And I keep them in a dish. Aw. Hooray.

So, you know, get on it.