It's about that time.

The clock's ticking down, friends. Currently Anne and I are having a laptop party in her bedroom. We're both tapping away on our respective keyboards, updating friends on race wardrobes, dropping in on Twitter, giggling over nonsense.

It's been a great day so far. Met with our other marathon comrades at the race expo earlier, panicked a little more over race day wardrobe, laughed at our complete inabilities to make decisions and, I think, mentally prepared ourselves for our day. We're calm. Excited. Over-prepared. We officially have wardrobes.

We feel like celebrities, my running friends and I. It's amazing the amount of supporters we're going to have along the race course. They're excited for us, and they're ready for us. For the first time in I don't know how many marathons, I'm going to cross the finish line and be greeted by hugs.

It's going to be amazing. Memorable. One for the books. And a finish of 4:30 isn't a 3:58, but having love and support and a smile on my face will beat any personal record tomorrow.

Game on.