It'll save me some effort.

I've decided I don't need my own baby. I am fully capable of getting all the baby love that I need through other people's babies. I spent Saturday night with my favorite mom, Lori. And, of course, my favorite baby, Skylar. Oh my God, you guys, I need her. She is just this tiny, little, actual human being who sprung forth the loins of MY friend. She is a little person with her own little personality and facial expressions and ability to shit up the back of her diaper.

I love her.

I got to cuddle with her on the floor, and jiggle her in my lap when she cried and rock her to sleep when, I think, all she wanted was her mom's boob. I just want to smoosh her, and I mean that in the most sincere way possible.

I don't know what I'm going to do when she starts talking. And walking. And becoming this little human that I can play with and remind of that one time when she tried to nurse on my very inadequate boob.

I was actually sad when I had to lay her in her bassinet and let her go to sleep at the end of the night. I didn't want to let go of her. She was so warm and cuddled and precious. And, God, are you listening to me?

And just like that, I got my baby fix. And that will tide me over until next time. Who needs their own when they have the babies of others, who then have to do all the hard work like diaper changing? And sex. And childbirth.

I'm just saying.