It will be a magical day.

Tomorrow we're going to IKEA so I can spend the rest of our wedding money we can purchase a bed frame and bookshelf, two things that excite me more than a 42-inch flat screen television and the Internet, combined. In case you forgot, I'm a dork. I have books. Lots of them. So many that the 12-year-old, dilapidated bookshelf I currently own cowers every time I come home from the bookstore because it's overstuffed. It's uncomfortable to look at, really. Very awkward.

And tomorrow all my dreams will come true. While Jeremy lies comatose in front of the life-sized Golf Channel with his hands down his pants, I'll be rearranging my books, alphabetically.

Not to mention that the purchasing of a bed frame means our box spring and mattress will no longer be forced to sit on the floor. At that rate we might as well have a box fan propped up on an ottoman at the foot of our bed and call it a ceiling fan.

Oh, wait. We do.