It sort of makes me want to burst into song.

Today is suddenly so fantastic. Not only is there a used book sale at the local library (50-cent books, people!), but I'm ALSO having my hair done. Yes, these are the things that please me. Books and hair highlights.

And... AND... there are bridal shower plans in the making! We have actual dates! Real, live dates on the calendar. And there's not only one shower, but TWO. One for family and one for friends. Two, whole entire parties specifically for the purpose of celebrating my decision to marry. I'm pretty positive I'm totally coming out a winner, here. And when The Fiance gets that deep fryer or dinnerware set he wants to register for, I'm positive he'll feel like a winner, too. See? Everybody (who is important in this situation) WINS!


And for those of you who are busy writing down every detail of wedding plans as they unfold before your eyes... er, computer screen... June 16 and July 14. Family shower and friend shower. Write that down.