Internet, meet Baby Mama. And Daddy.

I am in love.

Oh. MY GOD. Do you SEE the Precious-ness of all Precious right here? Do you SEE? Her name is Shelby. And she is lovely. And she, friends, is the Potential Baby Mama of The Potential Future Buster, the Boxer. A friend of a friend (and, see, we're friends by association, people) has Shelby, the fabulous 2-year-old boxer. And Miss Shelby will be bred in the spring with this fella':

Internet, meet Blaze, the Baby Daddy. Shelby's boyfriend. He is all that is man, just look at him. Can you even STAND how wonderful the offspring of such pooches could potentially BE? Our baby Buster, all precious-like. With Mama Shelby and Daddy Blaze. Sigh.

And even better. The potential future offspring of Shelby and Blaze will be 8-weeks-old and ready to go come August. And do you KNOW what ELSE happens in August? Hi, I get married. And what better wedding gift to each other than A PUPPY? There IS no better gift. It is magical.


Oh, and also, we've come to terms with the fact that our potential Buster may be a potential girl. I, all along, have thought, "Hmm. Buster. Boy," while The Fiance, wherever he comes from, has been thinking, "Hmm. Buster. Girl." (Really? Buster? A GIRL?) So our perfect pup may be female, in which case, NO, we will NOT be naming her Buster.

We'll just have to wait and see what lovely Shelby and Blaze produce.