In which working is fun for at LEAST another two days.

So, The Office had a bit of a makeover this week. We packed up our desks and hiked to the other side of the third floor. And spread out. And got new workstations. With new, bare walls. And more room. And new cubicle neighbors. And, oh my God, FUN.

I love change. Well, physical change. Such as, a new apartment. Smaller jeans. Bigger boobs (not really). Rearranged furniture. A new bedroom. A new cubicle. A smaller nose. Less freckles. Etcetera.

As a child, and preteen, and teenager, and young adult and (ahem, cough) woman, I loooove to rearrange furniture. And occupy new spaces. And make things my own. I'll move my bed to the other side of the room just to wake up to a new view. Or to sleep better. Or I'll move my desk to a different corner to make the room look bigger. To personalize it.

And when given my very own cubicle? Oh, joooy.

So, back to getting the new cubicle. The desk space? It's plentiful. So much room to work. And, uh, you know, write. My blog. (Cough.) But more importantly, I can give it a face lift. With new pictures. And things. And pictures. And new pictures. I love pictures. Love, love, love. When they're sprawled (in a very organized, tidy fashion, thank you) across my work space, I have so many things to look at. Friends, The Fiance, family, that one time I dressed up like a nurse. And that other time I drank too much while tailgating. And that one time we met rockstars.

To date, and by "to date" I mean, "We just moved into these cubicles yesterday, and I have my space fully furnished down to the placement of a stolen #4 billiard ball," I have 25 pictures, featuring 23 different friends and family, both in frames and tacked neatly into the cubicle walls. Home, sweet home.

So now I have all sorts of new photos to look at, new drawers to organize, new surfaces to sanitize, on top of already having a new, 2007 calendar to fill. Sigh.

This will be so fun, for at least another two days.