In which the planning begins. Again.

This is a big weekend for our future wedded bliss. This weekend the plans take another step forward. The Fiance and I are having a meet and greet with our photographer, our minister, our potential florist and our potential cake lady.

Big stuff, people.

And, most excitingly, we (and by "we," I totally mean I) may have found a bridesmaid dress. If anything, a color. Maybe. I'll post a picture, you decide. So far The Bridesmaids enjoy both the dress and the color. Mostly the color. Seriously. Of all things Wedding Plannable, I think the bridesmaid dress issue has been the most stressful. I JUST want to find one and go with it.

OK, people. Work with me. How are we feeling about this dress? I know Mom is going to hate it. I just have that inkling. I highly enjoy the color (Oasis), and The Bridesmaids will highly enjoy the price ($110, which, hi, I've spent MUCH, much more on a bridesmaid's dress).

And the flowers? I'm thinking wildflower-ish. No traditional roses and babies breath business. I want pretty. And colorful. And wildflower. Ish.

And our cake? I could care less. As long as it's edible and has a mini bride and groom on top, give it to me. Oh, and also cheap. But remind me of this tomorrow when I see some fabulous 408-tiered cake with a chocolate fountain attached, or something, and I say, "Me, me, me! I want it!" Remind me. Cheap. People just eat it. No one remembers it.

Yay, weddings.