In which my sanity has been compromised.

An actual email conversation that took place this afternoon upon telling my friends BJ and DP about the tragic death of my iPod:

BJ: I hope my iPod never dies. But I read somewhere that everyone's iPod eventually dies.
DP: ...but not everyone's iPod... really lives.

It's true. And tragic. My iPod is dead. A result of circumstances I don't care to elaborate upon at this time due to possible charges of electronic murder. However, don't worry. A warranty will take care of matters. But in the meantime, I must suffer a life of iPod-less Hell.

I cannot, under any circumstances whatsoever, concentrate without ear buds plugged into my ears and music lulling my nerves to sleep. Between the typing and the talking and the typing and the TYPING and THE TALKING at work, I want to jump out of the nearest window. (Which, fortunately, is just to my left). But that just wouldn't be reasonable, now would it? So that's where my iPod came in.

But I haven't had an iPod for two days. Two. Days. I've developed a twitch. A stutter. I hear someone call my name, and I jump. I can't fall asleep. I have to fight the shakes. And the demons. OK, this is all really very exaggerated, but you understand my point. I need an iPod.

So I'm sitting at my desk, eyes bloodshot, mouth drooling, swatting away imaginary bugs, when suddenly an iPod lands on my desk. An iPod. It was as if God, had I been praying to him and all, answered my pleas and sent a sweet iPod straight down from Heaven. And then I look up and realize it's Dave, Fiance of Erin. Also Savior Of All Things Holy and I Owe Him My Firstborn Child and Sweet Jesus, Someone Marry This Man. Erin?

So I was rescued. For the last two hours of the day I had sweet, sweet solace. Uh, and that doesn't mean I particularly enjoy the entirety of his Music Artist selection, but crap, it's better than nothing. And how fabulously wonderful of him to lend me his iPod for the afternoon (therefore saving me from self destruction).

And by golly, if it isn't My Chemical Romance that I just found on his Playlist. There is a Jesus.