In which life is GOOD.

Today is a good day. SUCH a good day. SO good, in fact, I can't even concentrate. Not for one second.

There is so much wedding planning done, we found potential parents for our potential puppy, but the best news is bigger yet. No, I didn't find a job in The Promised Land, but that doesn't matter because I DON'T HAVE TO.

The Fiance and I came to a huge decision last night, just before we fell asleep. We're going to meet in the middle. In December or January, at the end of this semester (since he is finishing school), we will move into an apartment halfway between each of our respective locations. He will commute 45 minutes to school, and I will commute 45 minutes to work. The following December, once he graduates, we'll pack up our "halfway" home, and move to my current stomping grounds, a place we both enjoy and hoped to one day buy a home in anyway.

By coming to this decision, like the mature, adults we are (ahem, seriously, we are), it is eliminating my need to quit my current career and move to him, just to wait for him to graduate. And then, inevitably, in a few years, move BACK here, and have to find ANOTHER job. So we're just cutting out all the middle junk, and skipping right to the chase. He has many more job opportunities here once he graduates, we both have friends here, and overall, this is nothing but HAPPINESS.

Yes, commuting 45 minutes will make me want to shoot out my eyes. But the end result is well worth it. It's only one year of our long lives (together). It also means we'll be together in approximately two-and-a-half-ish months. In our own apartment. And once our stint is over at the halfway point, we could likely soon afford a house. As newlyweds. With our puppy. Sigh.

I love life. Today, at least.