In which I've gone blind.

Hi, everyone. So, turns out I'm blind. Not really. But I have poor, poor vision. Astigmatism, near-sightedness in my right eye, and far-sightedness in my left eye.

Shouldn't that make me cross-eyed, or something? I don't know. But the eye doctor says it's enough to require glasses while driving. And probably ALL the time. Uh, joy.

But I DID get some fabulous glasses today that I won't hate. And maybe I'll wear them and look intellectual. Or maybe I'll wear them while I read, and bite on the end of a pencil, and feel scholarly. Or I'll just wear them and feel like everyone is staring at me because, HI, FOUR-EYED FREAK, and then my face will turn red and I'll take them off.


But I'm much more blind than I anticipated, which is unfortunate, because A) this will mean a day will come when I need corrective vision ALL the time, which will lead to B) contacts. And, ew. I'm not really all about putting fingers in my eyes, etc. And because I have astigmatism, I'd have to get "special" contacts to fit my egg-shaped eyeballs, which means more money. And, well, I'm not really all about more money, etc.

This is all because I almost got shampoo in my eye that one time, I know it.

And, hi, these are totally my corrective lenses. I'm chic. I will be seeing in STYLE, people. Liz Claiborne style.