In which I talk a lot.

I can't feel my arms right now, which makes typing neat. Tonight was the first day of the Big Muscle Plan, my friend Anne's Weapon of Mass Destruction. It's a weekly weight-training plan that pretty much took my arm muscles and mopped up poo with them. I didn't even wash my hair in the shower after because I couldn't hold my arms above my head long enough. LIFTING WEIGHTS IS HARD.

A week from today my 14-week marathon training plan begins. And it is INTENSE. Not to mention the 200 Sit-Up program I also began tonight. I estimate that by summer I'm going to be one of two things: an amputee with no limbs because I chopped them off, or a super-crazy-badass with cat-like reflexes and Big Muscles.

Yeah, I'm leaning toward the prior, too.

I'm watching 24 right now. Which is why I'm blogging. Because 24 has completely lost my interest this season. Things I have NOT lost interest in: Life Unexpected, LOST, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and a 10 p.m. bedtime. I watch entirely too much TV. And tomorrow Netflix is bringing me the first season of Weeds. I need an intervention. In the next couple weeks, 90210, Melrose Place and Gossip Girl come back, too. OMFG.

What else is new, friends?

I'm still a cat-lady. There's still a road bike in my living room/bedroom/hallway/dining room. Oh. I KNOW. I decided to "give up" desserts and junk for Lent. I say "give up" loosely because I've already cheated 1... 2... no, 4 times since last Wednesday. Fuck. I feel I made my goal to broad. I pretty much thought I could give up all of it - desserts, donuts, cake, potato chips, Pop-Tarts, muffins, basically everything I love to eat. It has been HARD. I'm so dependent on the vending machine at work, so at least I've successfully kept myself away from that. But that did not keep me from the free donuts in the break room today in celebration of February birthdays. My excuse was, "HEY! BIRTHDAY DONUTS!"


Despite the setbacks, I'm still considering this mission a positive one. If nothing else, it's making me completely conscious of what I'm eating. Yes, I've had moments of weakness, but those were really, really tough moments. I find that I battle myself. It's like, "YES, no, NO, yes, eat it, EAT IT, no!" And sure, I've lost that battle a couple times, but more and more I'm winning it. I'm thinking twice (and three or four times) before choosing a snack.

So even if I fail a few 27 more times, I'm still winning because I'm considering the decision to eat shit, rather than just eating it. And every day, except when there are birthday donuts, the decision to pass on the snack is getting easier.

Now, gosh, wasn't that inspiring? OK good. So go eat some ice cream for me.