In which I need another meal, apparently?

So I'm parading down Main Street, in search of my next victim for an article I'm working on, when I cross paths with a man.

This man is of the crazy and/or possibly homeless variety. He's standing on the street corner, smoking a cigarette, a little too bundled for the mild October weather. I'm traipsing down the sidewalk in high heels, a notepad in my hand and new glasses on my face. Read: I'm a total geek in heels.

As I walk past said homeless and/or crazy man, he's mumbling, I assume to himself. But then I hear him loud and clear.

"You need to EAT something," he says, to ME.

Me. Eat something. Really? I turn back to look at the man, puzzled. I consider replying, "Why, you're right. I'm STARVING. Your place or mine?" And then I realized he probably doesn't HAVE a place, and I don't eat from Dumpsters, so I kept walking.

I pondered being offended by the man. But then I realized, "Hot DAMN, he just called me skinny." And because I grew up in a society that turns "you need to eat" into a compliment, I smiled. And thought about eating a big, fat steak.